Seattle Photonics has the capability to perform optical metrology and testing of optical systems in our lab.  Our engineers have worked with a large variety of optical systems and we are frequently required to evaluate the systems that we have designed as many of our customers are not equipped to do so.  Other times, clients may use our facility or equipment to test components they have independently assembled.  In some cases we have designed and built tooling to accommodate particular optical elements.

Some of the testing we can help our clients with includes:

- Optical power testing of a variety of light sources

- Display luminance testing

- Laser/gaussian spot measurements

- Optical system alignment

- Profilometer testing of optical and non-optical surfaces

For more complex testing requiring interferometry, very clean environments, or extremely stable surfaces SPA has partnered with a local optical house 4D Optical.  4D optical has an extremely well equipped laboratory and SPA has worked closely with the staff there for many years.

Please see: 4D Optical