Low Cost Plastic Optics

For many optical applications cost is a priority and plastic optics offer one solution to this requirement.  SPA has experience designing optics for fabrication with injection molders and we've also helped prototype optics with diamond turning fabricators.  We've worked with several types of optical plastics including PMMA(acrylic), polycarbonate, polystyrene, and Zeonex, and understanding the physical properties of these materials is paramount to designing systems that will work as intended.  Optical design with plastic materials also offers the advantage of being able to mold mechanical features into optical parts for mounting, baffling, and ease of assembly.  Our mechanical engineers work with the optical designers to include these features in the parts we help design.

Some of the systems that have included plastic optics in our portfolio of designs include lightweight head-mounted displays, head-up displays, laser pointers and barcode scanners.