Lens Array Design

One focus of Seattle Photonics is the development of micro-lens array structures.  We have patented several design forms that improve exit-pupil uniformity for display applications.  These displays can be used in head-mounted environments as well as head-up display type systems.  SPA has the capacity to design and analyze these types of optical structures, which requires the ability to merge geometric and diffractive effects when ray tracing.  We also understand the performance contributions of the packing structures of the micro-lenses as well as the manufacturing errors due to the lithography processes involved in creating these types of parts.  Our unique capabilities with micro-lens arrays come from a core skill set that includes lens design, stray light analysis and physical beam propagation.

A study performed by USAARL of some parts designed and manufactured by Seattle Photonics can be found at the following link:

Please see : USAARL Study