General Lens Design

Lens design is one of the primary capacities of SPA.  We have designed lenses for a wide array of applications that include head-mounted displays, spectrophotometers, zoom systems, projectors, scanning systems, and photolithography machines to name a few.  SPA has designed systems that operate in infra-red, visible and UV ranges.  We work to our clients' optical specifications, and we are equally aware of the mechanical, manufacturing and environmental requirements that may impact the direction a design may take.   Likewise, we have excellent relationships with several optical fabrication companies, thin-film coaters, and other optical suppliers to insure a designed system is manufactured properly.

LithographyLens three-gun-head-on

Lens design doesn't have to equate to high cost either.  We have suggested many design forms that utilize off the shelf optics from high volume vendors.  So if a solution to a particular optical problem is something that can be simply procured, SPA can help with those types of applications as well.